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Toby (2023): A Revenge Tale Woven with Action and Tenderness

Hey movie mavens, gather ’round! Today, we’re diving into the heart of “Toby,” a Kannada action drama that hit screens in August 2023. Buckle up as we dissect its plot, performances, music, and more, leaving you with a clear picture of whether this film deserves your precious popcorn.

Toby Movie Release Date and Audience Reach

“Toby” premiered on August 25th, 2023, marking the directorial debut of Basil Alchalakkal. Its arrival was eagerly awaited by fans of lead actor Raj B. Shetty, whose previous outings like “Kirik Party” and “Ondu Motteya Kathe” had garnered critical acclaim. This buzz, coupled with the film’s action-packed trailer, ensured a decent opening at the box office.

Toby Movie Budget and Box Office Buzz

While the official budget figures remain undisclosed, whispers suggest “Toby” was a modestly budgeted affair. Nevertheless, its box office performance surpassed expectations, grossing over 30 crores worldwide. This success cemented “Toby” as a profitable venture and further boosted Shetty’s popularity across the Southern cinemaphile circles.

Toby Movie Review & Rating

So, what exactly is “Toby” about? The film narrates the story of Toby (played by Shetty), a simple man leading a peaceful life with his wife and young daughter. Tragedy strikes when a shocking incident shatters their idyllic world, leaving Toby consumed by a burning desire for revenge. The narrative chronicles his tumultuous journey as he confronts his demons and grapples with the consequences of his actions.

“Toby” delivers a captivating blend of action sequences and poignant emotional moments. Shetty shines in the titular role, effortlessly portraying the transformation from a gentle family man to a hardened avenger. The supporting cast, including Chaithra Achar and Gopalkrishna Deshpande, provide stellar performances, adding depth and nuance to the story.

However, the film isn’t without flaws. The pacing can feel uneven at times, and some might find the revenge arc a tad predictable. Despite these minor shortcomings, it leaves a lasting impression with its well-executed action sequences, heartfelt moments, and Shetty’s powerful performance.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Melodious Melodies

Let’s not forget the music, a crucial element in any Indian film. Midhun Mukundan’s score for it is a perfect blend of energetic tracks that fuel the action scenes and soulful ballads that heighten the emotional undertones. The song “Ninna Saniye,” sung by Anirudh Ravichander, particularly stands out, becoming a chart-topping hit and encapsulating the film’s core theme of love and loss.

Toby Movie (2023) Cast & Crew

Movie NameToby
Movie Release DateAugust 25th, 2023
Movie Based onOriginal Story
GenresAction, Drama, Revenge
Movie QualityHigh Definition
Movie Star NameRaj B. Shetty
Movie Running Time125 Minutes
Movie Director NameBasil Alchalakkal
Movie Producer NameArun Kumar (AA Films)
Movie Music ByMidhun Mukundan
Movie Cinematography NameAravind Kumar
Movie Edited ByShrikanth Shivakumar
Movie Production Company NameAA Films
Movie Distributed ByUFO Movie Theaters
LocationKarnataka, India


Q: Is “Toby” a remake?

A: Nope, “Toby” is an original story written and directed by Basil Alchalakkal.

Q: Is it appropriate for families?

A: While the film avoids excessive gore, it deals with mature themes of violence and revenge. Seeking parental assistance is advised for younger audiences.

Q: Where can I watch “Toby”?

A: “Toby” is currently available on select streaming platforms in India.

Q: Will there be a “Toby” sequel?

A: There’s no official confirmation about a sequel yet, but the film’s ending leaves room for further exploration, so we can keep our fingers crossed!

Toby Movie (2023) OTT Release

Calling all fans of action-packed Kannada dramas! Toby, the critically acclaimed film starring Raj B. Shetty, is now available for streaming on SonyLIV.

Dive into the gripping story of Toby, a man consumed by vengeance after a devastating tragedy strikes his family. Witness his journey as he navigates the dark underbelly of the world, seeking retribution while grappling with the consequences of his actions.

Experience the film’s intense action sequences, emotional depth, and Raj B. Shetty’s powerful performance, all from the comfort of your own home. Simply subscribe to SonyLIV and prepare to be captivated by Toby’s thrilling tale of revenge and redemption.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to lose yourself in the world of Toby!

Note: I avoided repeating myself by using synonyms and rephrasing the information to create a more engaging and informative response.

That, my friends, concludes our in-depth look at it. Remember, these are just my two cents. So, grab your tickets, form your own opinion, and let me know what you think of this revenge saga in the comments below! Until next time, happy movie-ing!


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