Queen Elizabeth Movie (2023)

Queen Elizabeth


Cast: Meera, Narain

Queen Elizabeth: A Regal Rom-Com Crowns the Big Screen

“Queen Elizabeth,” a 2023 Malayalam flick that recently waltzed onto the big screen. While it might not rewrite cinematic history, it offers a lighthearted escape, especially for those seeking a feel-good dose of romance sprinkled with some familiar tropes. So, buckle up, cinephiles, as we delve into the kingdom of “Queen Elizabeth”!

Queen Elizabeth Movie Release Date Budget & Collections:

December 29, 2023, marked the royal premiere of “Queen Elizabeth,” gracing cinemas just in time to usher in the new year with a splash of cinematic cheer.

Though shrouded in a veil of secrecy, the film’s production value hints at a modest budget, primarily evident in its charmingly quaint locales and relatable settings. However, what it lacks in grandiosity, it compensates for with heart and a vibrant energy that permeates the screen.

While box office figures haven’t yet reached legendary proportions, “Queen Elizabeth” has garnered decent collections, particularly in its opening weekend. Its appeal to families and the ever-popular rom-com genre has proven to be a box office boon.

Queen Elizabeth Movie Review & Rating:

Now, onto the real crown jewels – the story and its execution. Elizabeth, played by the ever-effervescent Meera Jasmine, is a woman brimming with optimism and a passion for cooking. However, her life takes a comedic turn when fate throws her together with Alex (Narain), a suave businessman with a jaded outlook. What ensues is a predictable yet endearing clash of personalities, seasoned with hilarious misunderstandings and undeniable chemistry. The film effortlessly glides through familiar rom-com territory, offering up heartwarming moments, light-hearted humor, and a touch of drama for good measure.

However, like most fairytales, “Queen Elizabeth” isn’t without its blemishes. The script occasionally stumbles into clichés, relying on tried-and-tested formulas that might leave some viewers yearning for a bit more originality. Additionally, the supporting cast, while colorful, doesn’t quite rise to the same level of engagement as the leads. Nevertheless, the film’s charming simplicity and genuine humor manage to salvage these shortcomings, offering an overall pleasant cinematic experience.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars. “Queen Elizabeth” is a delightful rom-com that delivers exactly what it promises – a warm, funny, and ultimately satisfying love story. While it might not break new cinematic ground, it’s a charming escape brimming with familiar tropes executed with sincerity and heart. So, if you’re looking for a feel-good movie to unwind with, “Queen Elizabeth” might just be the royal decree you need to fill your evening with laughter and a touch of fairy-tale romance.

Queen Elizabeth Movie Songs:

No rom-com is complete without a melodious soundtrack, and “Queen Elizabeth” doesn’t disappoint. Composed by Ranjin Raj, the film boasts a vibrant collection of songs that range from peppy numbers like “Pookkale Vaanile” to soulful ballads like “Chembakapooventhe.” Each track seamlessly blends into the narrative, adding layers of emotion and enhancing the film’s overall charm.

Queen Elizabeth Movie (2023) Cast & Crew

Movie TitleQueen Elizabeth
Movie Release DateDecember 29, 2023
Movie Based onOriginal story
GenresRom-com, Comedy, Romance
Movie Star NameMeera Jasmine, Narain, KPAC Lalitha, Saiju Kurup, Prayaga Martin, Anoop Menon
Movie Running Time140 Minutes
Movie Director NameM. Padmakumar
Movie Producer NameTomichan Mulakkadan, Renjith, Arun Kumar, Manu K. Jayan
Movie Music ByRanjin Raj
Movie Cinematography NameJomon T. John
Movie Edited ByMahesh K. Nair
Movie Production Company NameMary Land Cinemas, E4 Entertainment
Movie Distributed ByPVR Pictures (Kerala), Wide Release Entertainment (Rest of India)
LocationKerala, India

Most Searched FAQs:

Q: Is “Queen Elizabeth” based on a true story?

A: No, “Queen Elizabeth” is a fictional rom-com, unrelated to the British monarch of the same name.

Q: Who is the director of “Queen Elizabeth”?

A: M. Padmakumar helmed the film, known for his previous works like “Santhosham” and “Anamika.”

Q: Where can I watch “Queen Elizabeth”?

A: As of now, “Queen Elizabeth” is playing in theaters. The film is expected to release on the OTT platform Zee5 sometime in 2024.

Q: Is “Queen Elizabeth” worth watching?

A: If you’re seeking a lighthearted rom-com filled with humor, heart, and catchy tunes, then “Queen Elizabeth” is definitely worth a watch. However, if you’re looking for groundbreaking storytelling or complex characters, you might want to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Final Verdict:

So, dear reader, should you bow down to the charm of “Queen Elizabeth”? While it might not be a cinematic masterpiece, it offers a delightful escape with familiar yet heartwarming tropes. It’s a film that celebrates the power of love, laughter, and good old-fashioned storytelling – a perfect antidote for the stresses of everyday life. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let “Queen Elizabeth” whisk you away to a kingdom of cinematic sunshine


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