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Bubblegum: A Sweet & Sour Symphony of Young Love

Hey movie mavens, let’s dive into the world of “Bubblegum,” a Telugu romantic drama that hit screens in 2023. Remember those sweet, sticky bubbles you blew as a kid? Yeah, this film’s about those first pops of love, just as messy and unpredictable. Buckle up, because we’re unpacking the soundtrack, story, and everything in between.

Bubblegum Movie Release Date: A Fresh Face in 2023

Bubblegum burst onto the scene on [insert actual release date] 2023, bringing a youthful energy to the Telugu film industry. It marked the debut of director Ravikanth Perepu, who, like his protagonist, took a leap of faith and delivered a film that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

Bubblegum Movie Budget & Collections: A Modest Melody that Found its Audience

Made on a moderate budget, Bubblegum wasn’t a box office behemoth. But it did find its niche audience, particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. The film’s charm, relatable characters, and catchy music resonated with this demographic, leading to a steady stream of ticket sales and a decent box office run.

Bubblegum Movie Review & Rating: A Mixed Bag with Sweet Notes

Bubblegum isn’t a flawless masterpiece, but it’s undeniably charming. The story revolves around Adi, a passionate DJ from Hyderabad, and Jhanvi, a sassy fashion student. Their worlds collide, sparks fly, and the inevitable love triangle drama unfolds. The screenplay has its flaws, with predictable plot points and some melodramatic moments. However, the film redeems itself with its genuine emotions, relatable characters, and a vibrant portrayal of young love in the digital age. The performances by newcomers Roshan Kanakala and Maanasa Choudhary are especially noteworthy, bringing youthful energy and undeniable chemistry to their roles.

As for the rating, it’s a mixed bag. Critics praised the film’s soundtrack, performances, and relatable themes, but some found the plot predictable and the pacing uneven. Overall, Bubblegum lands somewhere between a 3.5 and 4 out of 5 stars, depending on your tolerance for teenage rom-com tropes and your appreciation for raw, youthful energy.

Bubblegum Movie Songs: The Soundtrack of First Love

Speaking of energy, Bubblegum’s soundtrack is a total earworm. Music composer Sricharan Pakala crafts a vibrant mix of pop, hip-hop, and Telugu melodies that perfectly capture the film’s youthful vibe. Tracks like “Jilebi” and “Heartbeat Symphony” are guaranteed to get stuck in your head long after the credits roll. And trust me, you’ll be humming them while scrolling through your Instagram feed, reminiscing about that first, awkward crush.

Bubblegum Movie (2023) Cast & Crew

Here’s a table summarizing the key details of the movie:

Movie NameBubblegum
Release DateAugust 4, 2023
Based onOriginal Story
GenresRomance, Drama, Musical
Star NamesRoshan Kanakala, Maanasa Choudhary, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Viva Raghava, Upendra
Running Time143 Minutes
DirectorRavikanth Perepu
ProducersSithara Entertainments, Suresh Productions
MusicSricharan Pakala
CinematographySai Sriram Dasari
Edited ByShritee Chaganti, Garry BH
Production CompaniesSithara Entertainments, Suresh Productions
Distributed ByZee Music Company (Worldwide)
LocationHyderabad, India


Q: Is Bubblegum a remake of any other film?

A: No, Bubblegum is an original story. However, it does draw inspiration from classic coming-of-age films and Bollywood rom-coms.

Q: Is the film suitable for all ages?

A: Bubblegum is primarily targeted towards teenagers and young adults. It contains some mild teenage romance but is generally appropriate for all ages.

Q: Where can I watch Bubblegum?

A: As of now, Bubblegum is available on nearest movie theaters. So, grab some popcorn, snuggle up, and prepare to be transported back to those heady days of first love and sticky bubblegum dreams.

Q: Is there a sequel planned?

A: There’s no official confirmation about a sequel yet. But the film’s ending leaves the door open for further adventures, so stay tuned!

Final Verdict: A Sweet Escape with a Few Sticky Spots

Bubblegum is a sweet and charming film that captures the essence of young love with its vibrant music, relatable characters, and a touch of nostalgia. While the plot might not be groundbreaking, the film’s sincerity and youthful energy make it a fun and engaging watch. So, if you’re looking for a movie that will give you butterflies, a catchy soundtrack to add to your playlist, and a reminder of those first, messy steps in love, then “Bubblegum” is definitely worth a shot. Just remember, like the candy itself, it’s a sweet treat best enjoyed in moderation.

Now, tell me, movie mavens, have you seen Bubblegum? What did you think? Let’s keep the conversation rolling in the comments below!


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