Voice of Sathyanathan Movie (2023)

Voice of Sathyanathan Movie

Voice of Sathyanathan


 Cast: Dileep, Jagapathi Babu

 Director: Raffi

Welcome, my dear readers! Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Voice of Sathyanathan Movie a 2023 Malayalam-language comedy-drama film directed by Raffi and starring the talented Dileep in the lead role. The film revolves around Sathyanathan, a fraudulent antique vendor who finds himself entangled in a national security investigation due to his careless remarks.

Voice of Sathyanathan Movie (2023)

One of the highlights of the movie is Dileep’s exceptional performance as Sathyanathan. He effortlessly brings his trademark wit and charm to the character, making it a joy to watch on screen. The chemistry between Dileep and his co-actors, especially Siddique as his neighbor and rival, adds an extra layer of entertainment.

Humor That Ticks the Funny Bone:

The film’s humor predominantly relies on slapstick and physical comedy, which manages to elicit laughter from the audience. While it may not resonate with everyone’s taste, those who enjoy slapstick humor are in for a treat.

Praises and Criticisms:

The movie has garnered both praise and criticism. On the positive side, Dileep, Siddique, and Anupam Kher’s performances have been applauded for their contribution to the film’s entertainment value. Additionally, some of the humor sequences have been well-received by the audience.

Here is the cast and crew of “Voice of Sathyanathan Movie 2023” in a table:

Role Actor
Sathyanathan Dileep
Ananthan Joju George
Rajasekharan Jagapathi Babu
Kunjunni Siddique
Inspector Biju Johny Antony
Maya Veena Nandakumar
Dr. Suresh Jude Anthany Joseph
Narayanan Vijayaraghavan
Shankaran Makarand Deshpande
Director Rafi
Writer Rafi
Producer Dileep
Co-Producers Badusha N M, Shinoy Mathew, Rajan Chirayil, Prijin J.P.
Music Director Ankit Menon
Cinematographer Swaroop Philip
Editor Shameer Muhammed

Dated Plot and Simplistic Treatme:

On the downside, the movie suffers from a dated plot that harkens back to the comedies of the 1990s and early 2000s, which often relied on tired tropes and stereotypes. Furthermore, the film’s treatment of various themes, including national security and freedom of speech, is disappointingly simplistic, missing the opportunity to delve deeper into these subjects.

Voice of Sathyanathan Movie 

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FAQs about “Voice of Sathyanathan”:

Q: Who stars in Voice of Sathyanathan Movie?

Dileep plays the lead role of Sathyanathan, supported by Siddique as his neighbor and rival, and Anupam Kher as a national security agent.

Q: What genre does the movie belong to?

A comedy-drama movie called “Voice of Sathyanathan” was made.

Q: What is the central plot of the Voice of Sathyanathan Movie?

The film follows the adventures of Sathyanathan, a fraudulent antique vendor, whose careless remarks lead him into a national security investigation.

Q: What are the film’s strengths?

The strengths of the movie include Dileep’s captivating performance, Siddique and Anupam Kher’s strong acting, and some genuinely humorous moments.

Q: What are the drawbacks of the film?

Voice of Sathyanathan Movie has received criticism for its dated plot, simplistic treatment of themes, and reliance on tired tropes and stereotypes.

Q: Who would enjoy watching this film?

Fans of Dileep and slapstick humor will likely find “Voice of Sathyanathan” enjoyable and entertaining.


In conclusion, “Voice of Sathyanathan” presents a harmless comedy with Dileep’s commendable performance and a fair share of laughs. However, it falls short in exploring its themes and succumbs to an outdated plot. If you’re a fan of Dileep or enjoy slapstick humor, this movie might be worth your time.

Nevertheless, for those seeking thought-provoking content, “Voice of Sathyanathan” may not be the best choice. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 6, considering its target audience and entertainment value. Happy watching, everyone!

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