Sesham Mike-il Fathima (2023) Movie: Unleashing Dreams

Sesham Mike-il Fathima


Cast: Kalyani, Femina

Sesham Mike-il Fathima (2023) Malayalam Movie Review

In the realm of sports, where passion and determination often reign supreme, Sesham Mike-il Fathima emerges as a beacon of hope, a story that resonates with the unwavering spirit of a young woman chasing her dreams against all odds. Directed by Manu C. Kumar, this heartwarming Malayalam film chronicles the journey of Fathima Noorjahan, a vivacious and spirited girl from Malappuram, Kerala, who aspires to break through the barriers of gender stereotypes and become a football commentator.


Fathima’s passion for football is deeply ingrained in her soul, a love ignited from her childhood days spent watching and analyzing matches. Her enthusiasm for the sport is infectious, her voice echoing through the commentary box with an energy that captures the essence of the game. However, her ambition to enter a male-dominated field is met with skepticism and disapproval from her conservative family and society. Undeterred by these challenges, Fathima embarks on a quest to prove her worth, determined to carve a path for herself in the world of sports commentary.

Kalyani Priyadarshan delivers a captivating performance as Fathima, imbuing the character with an infectious charm and unwavering determination. She seamlessly portrays Fathima’s struggles, her moments of triumph, and her unwavering spirit, making the character relatable and endearing to the audience.

The film’s narrative deftly blends elements of comedy, drama, and social commentary, highlighting the challenges faced by women in pursuing their aspirations in a society often bound by tradition. Fathima’s journey is not without its obstacles, as she encounters resistance from those who question her capabilities and dismiss her dreams. Yet, she remains resilient, her passion for football fueling her determination to break through the glass ceiling.

Sesham Mike-il Fathima Malayalam Movie (2023) Cast & Crew

Movie TitleSesham Mike-il Fathima
Movie Release DateNovember 17, 2023
Movie Based onStory of Fathima Noorjahan
GenresSports Drama, Comedy
Movie QualityHigh Quality
Movie Star NameKalyani Priyadarshan
Movie Running Time140 Minutes
Movie Director NameManu C. Kumar
Movie Producer NameSudhan Sundaram
Movie Music ByHesham Abdul Wahab
Movie Cinematography NameSanthana Krishnan Ravichandran
Movie Edited ByKiran Das
Movie Production Company NamePassion Studios, The Route
Movie Distributed BySree Gokulam Movies (India), Dream Big Films (Kerala)
LocationMalappuram, Kerala, India


What is the story of Sesham Mike-il Fathima?

Sesham Mike-il Fathima follows the journey of Fathima Noorjahan, a young woman from Malappuram, Kerala, who aspires to become a football commentator despite facing societal disapproval and gender-based stereotypes.

Who is the lead actress in Sesham Mike-il Fathima?

Kalyani Priyadarshan plays the lead role of Fathima Noorjahan, a passionate and determined aspiring football commentator.

What is the director’s name of the film Sesham Mike-il Fathima?

Manu C. Kumar directs Sesham Mike-il Fathima, marking his directorial debut.

What is the genre of the film?

Sesham Mike-il Fathima is a heartwarming comedy-drama that blends elements of sports, social commentary, and personal growth.

What is the key message of the film?

Sesham Mike-il Fathima celebrates the power of dreams, perseverance, and the ability to break free from societal limitations. It encourages individuals to chase their aspirations with unwavering determination, regardless of the challenges they may face.


Sesham Mike-il Fathima is not merely a story about a woman’s journey to achieve her dreams; it is a testament to the power of perseverance, the ability to rise above societal norms and pursue one’s passions with unwavering determination. The film serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to dream big, encouraging them to break free from limitations and chase their aspirations with unwavering zeal.


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