Sagileti Katha (2023) Movie

Sagileti Katha Movie

Sagileti Katha


Cast: Ravi, Vishika

Sagileti Katha Movie Review

Sagileti Katha, a rural drama starring Ravi Mahadasyam and Vishika Lakshman in lead roles, was released on October 13, 2023. The film was directed by Rajasekhar Sudmoon and jointly bankrolled by Ashok Mittapally and Deviprasad Balivada.

The story of Sagileti Katha is set in Sagileru, a drought-hit village in Rayalaseema. The film follows the love story of Kumar (Ravi Mahadasyam), the son of village president Chowdappa (Raja Shekhar Aningi), and Krishna Kumari (Vishika Lakshman), the daughter of RMP Dorasami (Ramesh).

The film begins with the villagers deciding to organize a Gangalamma fair in the village. However, the fair is disrupted by a sudden conflict between Kumar and Krishna Kumari’s families. The rest of the film follows the couple as they try to overcome the challenges in their relationship.

Plus Points

  • The film is set in an authentic rural Rayalaseema milieu and has natural characters.
  • Lead actor Ravi Mahadasyam and heroine Vishika Lakshman deliver impressive performances.
  • Supporting actors like Rajasekhar and Narasimha Prasad Panthagani do their characters justice.
  • The music by Jaswanth Pasupuleti is another highlight. The climax episode and the scene where Chowdappa murders Dorasami at the Gangalamma fair stand out.

Minus Points

  • The story lacks a decent narrative.
  • The screenplay is slow and uninteresting.
  • Certain scenes look out of place in the overall story.
  • The movie starts off beautifully, but the filmmaker swiftly veers off course. There were several scenes that were overly monotonous and drawn out. The longing of the hero for his lady love doesn’t elicit strong feelings because all he does is suffer.
  • The plot has a lot of potential to explore the sorrow of love and longing, but the filmmaker scarcely takes advantage of it, creating a weak narrative.
  • The script should have been given more thought.
  • One wonders why the director prominently highlighted a villager’s craze for chicken curry even though there will be several other interesting characters in a village.

Sagileti Katha Movie (2023) Cast & crew

Details of MovieValue
Movie NameSagileti Katha
Movie Release DateOctober 14, 2023
Movie Based onOriginal Screenplay
GenresRomantic Drama
Movie QualityHD
Movie Star NameNaga Chaitanya, Krithi Shetty, Rajasekhar Aningi
Movie Running Time133 Minutes
Movie Director NameSatish Kumar
Movie Producer NameAshok Mittapally, Deviprasad Balivada
Movie Music ByJaswanth Pasupuleti
Movie Cinematography NameRajasekhar Sudmoon
Movie Edited ByRajasekhar Sudmoon
Movie Production Company NameAshwin Productions, Sri Venkateswara Creations
Movie Distributed ByGoldmines Telefilms (Hindi), Sri Venkateswara Creations (Telugu), Sri Venkateswara Creations (Telugu), Sri Venkateswara Creations (Kannada)

Technical Aspects

  • Composer Jaswanth Pasupuleti impresses with his songs, especially the first and the last songs.
  • Several pivotal situations are elevated by the captivating background tune by Sanal Vasudev. Additionally responsible for the editing, director Rajasekhar Sudmoon struggles to keep the story engaging. If the edit had been clear, the second half would have improved the film.
  • Rajasekhar Sudmoon also scores less marks as the cinematographer as he couldn’t showcase the natural beauty of the rural life.
  • The production values are decent.


Sagileti Katha is a rural drama with a lot of potential, but it fails to impress due to a weak screenplay and slow pacing. The film shows promise initially, with its authentic rural setting, natural characters, and impressive performances from the lead actors. However, the film quickly loses its way as the plot becomes convoluted and the screenplay becomes repetitive. The film’s climax is also underwhelming.

Overall, Sagileti Katha is a disappointing watch. The film could have been much better with a tighter screenplay and better editing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the release date of Sagileti Katha?

A: Sagileti Katha was released on October 13, 2023.

Q: Who is the director of Sagileti Katha?

A: Sagileti Katha is directed by Rajasekhar Sudmoon.

Q: Who is the heroine in Sagileti Katha?

A: The heroine in Sagileti Katha is Vishika Lakshman.

Q: What is the genre of Sagileti Katha?

A: Sagileti Katha is a rural drama.

Q: Is Sagileti Katha worth watching?

A: Sagileti Katha is a disappointing watch. The film could have been much better with a tighter screenplay and better editing.


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