Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie: IBOMMA

kalyanam kamaneeyam

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam


 Cast: Santosh Sobhan, Priya

 Director: Anil Kumar Aalla

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie


Kalyanam Kamaneeyam is a Telugu movie that was released on January 14, 2023. The movie has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The movie stars Santosh Shobhan and Priya Bhavani Shankar in lead roles, with Anil Kumar Aalla directing the movie.


The story centres on Siva (Santosh Shobhan), a young guy who relies on his parents for support because he does not have a job. He develops feelings for Shruti (Priya Bhavani Shankar), a woman who has a decent job and is content with her life. They both fall in love and are married with the approval of their families despite the contrasts in their lifestyles. Unfortunately, because of outside influences and miscommunication, they experience issues in their marriage. They become split up due to an unforeseen event. The rest of the film investigates whether or not they will get back together.


Santosh Shobhan and Priya Bhavani Shankar, the lead performers, have garnered accolades for their portrayals of the characters in their performances. One of the movie’s strengths is the chemistry between the two stars. Devi Prasad, Satyam Rajesh, Pavitra Lokesh, and Kedar Shankar have all performed admirably in their individual parts as members of the supporting ensemble.

Directing and cinematography:

Anil Kumar Aalla, the film’s director, did a respectable job at portraying the story. The husband and wife’s moments are wonderfully done, and the movie moves along at a good clip. Karthik Gattamneni’s stunning cinematography captures the grandeur of the locations and gives the film a realistic vibe.


Kalyanam Kamaneeyam’s music, which was composed by Shravan Bharadwaj, is one of its strong aspects. The songs are catchy, and two of them have striking visuals.

In conclusion

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam, a Telugu film that examines the ups and downs of a married couple’s lives, is a respectable film overall. The movie is worth seeing because of the lead actors’ performances, the director, the cinematography, and the music. Those who like romance and drama will appreciate this film.

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