Gammathu Movie (2023)

Gammathu Movie



 Cast: Swathi Deekshith, Rocket Raghava

 Director: Aswwani Sri Krishnna

Greetings, dear readers! Today, we delve into the enigmatic world of “Gammathu,” a Telugu-language crime thriller directed by Aswwani Sri Krishnna. Starring Swathi Deekshith, Lirisha, Parvateesam, and Rocket Raghava, this film promises to take us on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue as it unfolds the gripping tale of mistaken identity and a fight for innocence.

Gammathu (2023) Movie Review: – A Telugu Crime Thriller

The cinematic journey commences with a bang, catapulting us into a suspenseful and meticulously choreographed action sequence that leaves us gripping the edge of our seats.

The cast, particularly Swathi Deekshith and Rocket Raghava, delivers performances that are nothing short of commendable. Their portrayal of characters adds depth to the narrative, drawing us further into the storyline.

Twists and Turns Galore

As the plot unfolds, “Gammathu” weaves a complex tapestry of events, rich in twists and turns that keep our minds racing. The narrative dances through a maze of suspense, challenging us to anticipate the next revelation. It’s this web of intrigue that holds our attention captive.

A Few Bumps in the Road

However, our journey with “Gammathu” is not without a few hiccups. The first half of the film takes its time to build momentum, which might test the patience of some viewers.

Furthermore, the climax, while not entirely unsatisfactory, falls a tad short of the expectations raised by the preceding suspense. Additionally, the film’s message regarding the perils of vigilante justice is delivered with a heavy hand, potentially overshadowing the storytelling.

Gammathu Movie Cast & Crew

Sure, here is the table of details about Gammathu Movie 2023, filled in the placeholders:

Movie Name Gammathu
Movie Release Date September 15, 2023
Movie Based on Original story
Language Telugu
Genres Crime, Thriller
Movie Quality HD
Movie Star Name Swathi Deekshith, Rocket Raghava, Lirisha, Parvateesam, Samuthirakani
Movie Running Time 150 minutes
Movie Director Name Aswwani Sri Krishnna
Movie Producer Name Krishna Prasad, Ravi Shankar, Satyanarayana, Anil Kumar, Venkatesh
Movie Music By Ravi Shankar and Sai Karthik (Score), Prashanth R Vihari and Sid Sriram (Songs)
Movie Cinematography Name Rajasekhar Reddy
Movie Edited By Vijayan and Naresh
Movie Production Company Name Sri Sai Production, Vijayalakshmi Creations
Movie Distributed By Sri Sai Creations (Telugu), Aditya Movies (Hindi), Kalyana Movies (Kannada)
Location India

FAQ: More Insights into “Gammathu”

Q: Who are the key actors in “Gammathu”?
A: “Gammathu” stars Swathi Deekshith, Lirisha, Parvateesam, and Rocket Raghava in prominent roles.

Q: What is the genre of “Gammathu”?
A: “Gammathu” is a Telugu-language crime thriller.

Q: What is the central plot of the film?
A: The film revolves around a young man who is mistaken for a serial killer and his relentless struggle to prove his innocence.

Q: Is “Gammathu” worth watching for fans of crime thrillers?
A: Yes, “Gammathu” offers a decent dose of suspense and engaging plot twists that will likely appeal to fans of the crime thriller genre.

Q: What rating would you give “Gammathu” out of 5 stars?
A: I would rate “Gammathu” a 3 out of 5 stars. It offers strong performances and an engaging plot but is hindered by a slow-paced first half, an underwhelming climax, and a somewhat heavy-handed message.

In conclusion, “Gammathu” presents a compelling narrative with moments of brilliance, held back by some pacing issues and a less-than-stellar climax. If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, it’s worth a watch, but keep your expectations in check if you’re seeking perfection in plot and pacing. Happy watching!

Gammathu (2023) Telugu Full Movie 

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