DD Returns Movie (2023)

dd returns movie

DD Returns


 Cast: Santhanam, Surbhi.

 Director: S. Prem Anand

DD Returns Movie, also known as Dhilluku Dhuddu 3, delivers a delightful and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. Directed by debutant S. Prem Anand and produced by C Ramesh Kumar under RK Entertainment, this Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film hit theaters on July 28, 2023. Let’s delve into what makes this movie worth a watch.

DD Returns Movie(2023): Review

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Santhanam and Surbhi leading the way. Accompanied by talented actors like Redin Kingsley, Maran, and Pradeep Rawat in supporting roles, the movie creates a diverse array of characters that add depth and charm to the story. Stellar performances by Masoom Shankar, FEFSI Vijayan, Rajendran, Munishkanth, and others further enhance the overall appeal of the film.

A Haunting Tale of Thrills

In contrast to other horror movies, DD Returns takes its time to explain the history of the spirits that are haunting the French Castle. The attention to detail in sketching the characters adds a delightful flavor to the movie, allowing each actor to shine in their respective roles. Director S. Prem Anand skillfully builds a supernatural world, complete with clear rules governing ghostly interactions.

Clever Comedy and Self-Awareness

The film’s writing is commendable as it blends classic horror clichés with clever self-awareness. Particularly as the plot switches from Puducherry to the eerie French Castle, the humor is hilarious.
Unlikely combinations of characters, like Redin Kingsley-Sai Dheena, Rajendran-Thangadurai, and Munishkanth-Bipin, provide excellent comic timing, creating seamless and witty exchanges.

Sure, here is the cast and crew of “DD Returns” (2023) presented in a table format:

Category Name
Directed by Er.S.Prem Anand
Written by Er.S.Prem Anand
Produced by C. Ramesh Kumar
Starring Santhanam
  Redin Kingsley
  Lollu Sabha Maaran
  Pradeep Rawat
  Masoom Shankar
  FEFSI Vijayan
  Lollu Sabha Manohar
Cinematography Dipak Kumar Padhy
Edited by N. B. Srikanth
Music by OfRo
Production company RK Entertainment
Release date July 28, 2023

A Few Hiccups

Although DD Returns succeeds in creating an engaging world of horror and comedy, it is not without its flaws. Some jokes miss the mark, leaving audiences with only a half-smile. Additionally, certain moments lack the urgency required for a life-and-death situation. However, the overall charm and hilarity of the movie overshadow these minor shortcomings.


1. Who are the primary figures in DD Returns Movie?

Santhanam portrays the character Sathish, while Surbhi plays Sofia in the lead roles.

2. When was the movie DD Returns Movie released?

The movie “DD Returns” premieres on July 28, 2023.

3. What is the premise of DD Returns Movie?

The film revolves around a family living in the French Castle, haunted by ghosts, and a gang of thieves who unwittingly enter the castle, setting off a thrilling and comedic chain of events.

4. Is DD Returns Movie a stand-alone sequel or part of a series?

The third movie in the “Dhilluku Dhuddu” series, “DD Returns,” is a standalone sequel to “Dhilluku Dhuddu 2.”

5. Who composed the music for DD Returns Movie?

In his first project with Santhanam and Prem, OfRo wrote the soundtrack for the movie.

6. Where was “DD Returns” filmed?

The movie was shot in Chennai and Pondicherry.

7. What is the runtime of DD Returns Movie?

The movie has a runtime of approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

8. Does “DD Returns” deliver both comedy and horror elements effectively?

Yes, “DD Returns” skillfully blends comedy and horror, creating an entertaining and enjoyable cinematic experience for the audience.

9. Who is the director of “DD Returns”?

The movie is directed by S. Prem Anand, making his debut in the film industry.

10. Would you recommend “DD Returns”?

Absolutely! If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted yet thrilling movie with a perfect blend of comedy and horror, “DD Returns” should be on your watch list.

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