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Bhuvana Vijayam


 Cast: Sunil,Srinivas Reddy

 Director: Yalamanda Charan


Hello there, film fans! I’m here to give a review of the most recent comedy-drama in Telugu, Bhuvana Vijayam. The main actors in this film, which was directed by Yalamanda Charan, are Sunil, Sreenivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, and Dhanraj. Let’s get started and see how this movie does!

Cast and Crew:

  • Starring: Sunil, Sreenivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Prithvi Raj, Dhanraj, Goparaju Ramana, Viva Harsha, Sonia Chowdary, Snehal Kamat, Raj Tirandasu, Vasanthi, and Sathi Pandu
  • Director: Yalamanda Charan
  • Producers: P. Uday Kiran, V. Srikanth
  • Music Director: Shekar Chandra
  • Cinematography: Sai
  • Editor: Chota K Prasad
Vennela KishoreVennela Kishore
Snehal KamathSnehal Kamath
Raj TirandasuRaj Tirandasu
Soniya ChowdarySoniya Chowdary
Harsha ChemuduHarsha Chemudu
Bigboss VasanthiBigboss Vasanthi
Goparaju RamanaGoparaju Ramana
Viva HarshaViva Harsha
Shaking SeshuShaking Seshu
Srinivas ReddySrinivas Reddy
Satti PanduSatti Pandu
Jabardast RaghavaJabardast Raghava
DirectorYalamanda Charan
P. Udaykiran
Music DirectorSekhar Chandra
Film EditingChota K. Prasad
Production DesignPranay Naini


Two Yamadutas (messengers of death) are sent to take the soul of Yadagiri (played by Dhanraj) after his death. They learn that Goparaju Ramana, a staff member in producer Chalapathi’s office, is also due to pass away. Producer Chalapathi and Feeling Star Preetham Kumar (Sunil) are now working on a movie. Seven authors are invited to a room in the workplace to complete the story for the Bhuvana Vijayam. However, one of these authors will pass away, and the Yamadutas are prepared to take possession of their soul. Who will suffer the consequences? How will the narrative progress? See the movie to find out!

Tensions and egos are high when the seven writers come together at the office to finalise the script for the Bhuvana Vijayam movie. Each author is driven to demonstrate their abilities and win the desired chance to have their work chosen. As people have spirited talks, participate in vigorous debates, and even make light-hearted arguments, the environment is competitive.

A young and promising writer named Snehal (played by Snehal Kamath) sticks out among the pandemonium. She has a strong desire to establish herself in the field and is passionate about creating stories. The room is given a breath of fresh air by Snehal’s original ideas and fresh outlook. Although she was initially looked down upon by her other writers, she eventually gained their respect due to her brilliance and commitment.

We are introduced to several compelling narratives as the authors dive into their storytelling. Each author tells the tale in their own unique way, presenting various genres, themes, and character arcs. While some stories are funny, others probe complex emotions and thought-provoking ideas.

When Chalapathi (Goparaju Ramana), the film producer, learns that one of the authors in the room is facing serious peril, the creative process takes an unexpected turn. As everyone becomes aware of how serious the situation is, the mood becomes tense. In spite of the competition, the writers, who are now connected by a common experience, set aside their differences and band together to support one another.

As the clock ticks, the writers race against time to finalize the story while grappling with the uncertainty of their fate. Amidst this urgency, the film delves deeper into the personal lives, dreams, and struggles of the writers. Snehal, in particular, faces numerous obstacles and battles self-doubt, but her resilience and determination push her to overcome the odds.

The writers’ last stories are presented in the climactic scenes, which are when Bhuvana Vijayam’s true essence is exposed. It’s not only about rivalry; it’s also about the strength of teamwork and the appreciation of storytelling as a communal art form. The movie places a strong emphasis on friendship, cooperation, and maintaining one’s integrity in the face of difficulty.

In an unexpected turn of events, the writer whose life was in danger manages to defy fate and survive, giving the story a glimmer of hope and optimism. The Bhuvana Vijayam movie ends on a pleasant note as the producer accepts the chosen tale and the writers find comfort and fulfilment in their artistic endeavours.

Bhuvana Vijayam eventually serves as a reminder of the ability of narrative to cross barriers and unite people through its blend of humour, emotions, and a moving message.

Plus Points:

The idea of Sri Krishna Devaraya’s Bhuvana Vijayam, where there were eight poets, served as the basis for the movie. Similar to that, there are seven writers in this film. It’s pretty impressive to watch the interactions between the writers, their efforts to finish a narrative, the emotional story of a driver, and the humorous exchanges between Sunil and the office guy. As a hero who is mentally challenged, Sunil gives a terrific performance.

Sreenivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Prithvi Raj, Dhanraj, Goparaju Ramana, Viva Harsha, Sonia Chowdary, and Snehal Kamat are among the supporting actors who have excelled in their parts. Dhanraj and Goparaju Ramana both give strong performances in their respective roles, but Vennela Kishore stands out as giving the best performance. Sathi Pandu, Vasanthi, and Raj Tirandasu all do a good job in their parts.

Minus Points:

Though Bhuvana Vijayam’s main concept is intriguing, the execution is subpar. The screenplay doesn’t hold the audience’s attention, and the story feels thin. One of the biggest problems is the addition of a number of pointless scenes that don’t make sense and seem to be there only for the sake of humour. Yalamanda Charan, the director, had trouble making the material work on film.

A terrific experience may have been had by the movie had it included more thrilling components. There is a lot of room for humour and enjoyment, but the director doesn’t take advantage of it. The overdramatization of some scenes causes the plot to lose its natural flow. While the humour occasionally cracks you up, it doesn’t work consistently throughout the entire Bhuvana Vijayam movie.

Technical Aspects:

Technically speaking, Yalamanda Charan is a poor director. Sai’s cinematography, however, pops out in a few situations and has a great effect. Chandra Shekar

Shekar Chandra’s soundtrack does a respectable job of matching the movie. Chota K Prasad’s editing is clear and fits the overall feel of the movie. Congratulations to P. Uday Kiran and V. Srikanth, the film’s producers, for presenting great production values that are clear throughout.


In conclusion, Bhuvana Vijayam’s comic segments succeed in making viewers smile. In few scenes, the chemistry between Vennela Kishore and Sunil is evident. However, the narrative is uninteresting, there is an improper flow, and the first half of the movie is slow and monotonous. Despite its flaws, the film benefits from the remarkable ensemble of comedians who are excellent in each of their roles. Despite some funny and moving moments, the movie doesn’t quite live up to expectations as a whole.

FAQ Section:

  1. Is Bhuvana Vijayam worth watching?
  2. Bhuvana Vijayam has its moments of comedy and decent performances by the cast, but the weak story, lackluster screenplay, and slow first half might make it a less enjoyable experience for some viewers. If you’re a fan of the actors or are seeking light-hearted entertainment, you could give it a try.
  3. Who are the standout performers in the film?
  4. Vennela Kishore steals the show with his comedic timing and delivers an impressive performance. Sunil also shines as the mentally retarded hero, showcasing his acting prowess. Dhanraj and Goparaju Ramana also leave a mark with their roles.
  5. Does the film have engaging technical aspects?
  6. While the cinematography by Sai is notable in a few scenes, the direction by Yalamanda Charan falls short, impacting the overall execution of the film. The music by Shekar Chandra is decent, and the editing by Chota K Prasad is well-done.
  7. Are there any notable drawbacks in the film?
  8. The story of Bhuvana Vijayam feels weak, and the screenplay fails to engage the audience consistently. The inclusion of unnecessary scenes that lack logic and the overdramatization of certain moments detract from the overall experience.
  9. Should I expect a lot of comedy in the film?
  10. While Bhuvana Vijayam does have its share of comedy, it works only in bits and pieces rather than providing a consistent comedic experience. The chemistry between Vennela Kishore and Sunil offers some enjoyable moments throughout the film.

I’ve finished writing my review of Bhuvana Vijayam. Always remember that this is only one viewpoint and that it is best to watch the film in order to create your own judgement. Enjoy your viewing, and check back soon for more reviews!


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